Observational Drawing


This is my observational drawing and its a self portrait of myself. I chose this picture because i feel like it explains me. I honestly thought i wouldnt be able to draw myself but i did and the way i drew it i changed it up a little bit because in the actual picture i was sitting in a desk.



20181206_094851.jpgThis is one of my personal choices. I chose this drawing because to me i think it sticks out like its really dope and colorful and low key creative in my own kind of way. I am a graffiti person and i love to draw things and switch it up a little bit.


20181206_094921This is another personal drawing i drew. i chose this one because well first of all it took me two hours to draw this because i kept messing it up because i wasnt focused but i really like this art piece because the picture is huey from the boondocks and i love watching the boondocks.

20181206_095007.jpgThis is the last personal drawing i chose. I chose this picture because i think it looks really coo and like i said i am a graffiti person and i love to draw things in graffiti because i feel like i can be more creative and  it would look more better than as if i was into something else.